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Our  Valves  are designed and manufactured to conform recognized standards of the Valve Industry such as
Stringent Quality checks are carried out at each stage of production to make our Valves operate trouble free for long time results & safe to use under the recommended pressure and temperature conditions. Each Valve is made from finest material & is subject to stringent, rigorous check & inspections at every stage for reliable and dependable valves required for high/low pressure, high/low temperature and for highly corrosive fluids.
Our achievements have been pasteurized by meeting our commitments and maintaining the highest standards of quality for our valued clientele of Oil and Gas, Refineries, Petro chemicals, Power Projects, Steam Generation/Boiler,   Private, Public, Semi Government Institutions & Project Works.
All Valves are 100% tested for...
  • Pressure test hydraulically
  • Dimensional check
  • Function test on air test bench as well as water test bench
  • Calibration with instruments
We have most modern and well equipped factory, having full fledged infrastructure for manufacturing, design, assembling, testing, calibration, installation and commissioning and have all resources and capabilities to meet with the requirements of our prospective customers and also for after sales services.  
Safecon Strictly Follows All National & International Standards And Codes Which are Applicable to Manufacture of Instrumentation Valves. There are.....

API 520 Part-I & IBR : Sizing And Selection Of Safety Relief Valve

API 526 : Design And Dimension Of Safety Relief Valve

API 527 & 528 : Testing Of Safety Relief Valve

ANSI B16.34 : Pressure & Temperature Rating.

ANSI B16.5/BS/DN : Flange Rating

ANSI B16.10 : Face to Face Of Control Vavle

ANSI B16.104 : Leakage Class Of Control Valve

ISA S75.01 : Control Valve Sizing

ISA S75.02 : Flow Capacity Test Of Control Valve

ASME/FCI 70.2 : Leak Test Of Control Valve.

ASME Section-VIII, Part-I Of Boiler & Pressure Vessel Code:

Safety Relief Valve Design.

ASME Section – I : Power Boiler


ISO Certified




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