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Automatic Control Valve
Level Control Valve SC-1110
The Model SC-1110 Modulating float control valve to maintain constant liquid level in storage tanks and reservoirs by compensating for variations in supply or demand, keeping the tank full.
The Ball type float operated Pilot Control is installed at the high liquid level in the tank/reservoir and is connected via tubing or pipe to the main valve. As the liquid level changes, the float control proportionally opens or closes the main valve, keeping the liquid level nearly constant.
Size : 25NB - 400NB
Digital Control Valve
(Set-Stop) Valve SC-3110-66 (Globe)
This is an electrically actuated, hydraulically operated multi-function control valve. Used extensively in loading terminal automation systems in refineries and storage tanks of petroleum products for effective and accurate filling of tankers and railway wagons. It has two solenoid valves, receiving signal from batch controllers to position the valve for low flow/medium flow / high flow conditions as programmed.
Size : 25NB - 400NB
Deluge Valve SC-7001
Deluge Valves Models 7001 are manufactured with Dry Trim (Pneumatic Actuated) and Wet Trim (Hydraulically Actuated). Both options are available with Electrical Trim Solenoid Actuated (Model 1110). All trims are factory piped on the Valve itself. It also has Manual Station as Test Trim, Manual Override and Drain Line. The valve opens on demand to provide water flow to the fire protection sprinkler system. Pilot system can be hydraulically, pneumatically or manually operated. Opening of the Valve is by electrical signal to solenoid valve/loss of control pressure. The Pilot and Diaphragm design has many advantages as...
  • Quick respose/fast opening
  • Low friction
  • High flow capacity
  • Minimum maintenance
  • Imported Diaphragm & Patented Quad Seal Ring for zero leakage.
  • Size : 25NB - 400NB

Solenoid Control Valve
Operated by two way-three way solenoid pilot valve, 3110 a Solenoid Control Valve is an on-off control valve that either open or closed upon receiving an electrical signals to the solenoid pilot control, provides two position (on-off) Operation.
This valve is consist of a "ACV" main valve and a two way solenoid valve. The main valve opens fully or closes drip tight depending upon the actuation position of the solenoid, energized to open/energized to close. The valve may be remotely operated by times, relays, probes or any triggered device to the solenoid.

Size : 25NB - 400NB

Slow Acting Check Valve 8110
  • Non return function, closes automatically in case of reversal flow.
  • The valve allows flow when inlet pressure is higher than outlet pressure.
  • In case of reverse flow, the valve closes within appropriate time to ensure it does not generate any surge / water hammer.
  • Ideal for Air craft fuelling application.
  • IValve opens and closes at controlled (adjustable) speed to ensure smooth flow.
  • Size : 25NB - 400NB

Pressure Relief Valve 6110(Globe)
  • Auto Re-circulation on a Refueller to control the pumping pressure of Air Crafts.
  • Solenoid Override or Pneumatic Override to safeguard the system. This can be operated remotely to re-circulate full flow.
  • When installed in Main line, it prevents upstream pressure dropping below preset value.
  • When installed on a By-Pass line, it controls main line pressure by relieving excess pressure in By-Pass/sump.
  • Ideal for pump by pass to protect the downstream equipments
  • Relief pilot (PR-610) is normally closed due to spring tension.
  • With increase in upstream pressure above set value, Pilot (PR-610) opens which makes Main Valve to open fully.
  • Spring Range: Standard: 20-200 psig. Optional: 5-30 psig.
  • Size : 25NB - 400NB




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